Welcome to my hopeful, loving journey. In August 2012, after experiencing a healthy, wonderful, plant-based pregnancy, I gave birth to my daughter. Not long after the birth, I developed a serious infection. As I slowly recovered from the infection, I turned to unhealthy and non-plant-based food as a source of comfort during my time of stress and uncertainty. I gained 40 pounds.

In September 2015, I had a devastating miscarriage at 12 weeks. In April 2016, I had another miscarriage, this time at 5 weeks.

It is time to regain my health and happiness.

In this journey, I plan to return to a plant-based diet. In particular, I believe wholeheartedly in the excellent nutrition and simplicity of the potato, so that is going to comprise the bulk of my diet. Not only do I think I will thrive with this way of eating, I believe in its superiority should I become pregnant again.

I’ve spent a lot of the last four years hating how out of control I feel with eating, while simultaneously loathing my body. But this journey is going to be one of love. It’s going to focus on the positive elements in my life, and I aim to treat myself with kindness and respect.

One question will govern everything I do and eat: “Will this __________ love me back?”